Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland

For our 10-year anniversary, Howey surprised me with a long weekend away and I was so stoked. Switzerland in general was on both our lists of places to see and explore and I was excited for a mini-break away from work, house stuff, etc etc etc. We actually ended up going to Geneva with our eyes completely shut due to being so preoccupied with house-related stuff before we went, and didn’t spend a lot of time researching the place at all. Howey had nabbed a ‘last minute’ kinda deal and with only hand luggage, which was a task in itself, off we went. Streamlined packing is just not my forte.

I created this little photo diary of some of the shots we both managed to get while exploring, as I didn’t really intend to do a travel guide or anything. I just wanted to enjoy this little bit of quality time and really take in the sights and surroundings without a particular post for my blog in mind. I have been quiet on the blog front, which I’m not proud of, and really wanted to share the snaps so you can do some little exploring of your own if you like.

If Geneva, or Switzerland in general is on your list of travel goals, I’d strongly urge you to take plenty of cash. Due to it being around Christmas and us looking to buy a house, we really struggled with the prices of well, everything. In one bar, which also seemed few and far between, we paid around £9 for a flat pint of Carlsberg (yep), just to give you an idea..

Geneva itself is really beautiful and somewhat unusual. I’m not sure if it was the time of year or what, but it is also the quietest city I have ever visited. During our weekend (besides when there was a race on through the city) there was no bustling, crowds, anything. Just quiet. It wasn’t what I was expecting at all, and it was sometimes even slightly eerie as we’d often turn a corner on many walks to find deathly silence and absolutely no one to be seen anywhere. We assumed that many residents go away on holiday for the winter.

We also found many people to be preoccupied – the staff at our hotel were so lovely and friendly in spite of our dire grasp of the French language along with the fab waiters on our first meal out in a restaurant on the water (Casanova, would highly recommend) yet to many others we were invisible. I can’t count the amount of times we moved out of the way for people without even a glance or a nod, or held them the door open for them to just barge straight through without even looking at us. There’s rude people everywhere, I know, but we seemed to meet a hell of a lot in our short time there.

Switzerland is definitely one of the places we would like to see more of. Honestly, we won’t be rushing back to Geneva anytime soon, but it was an amazing experience in a really unique, interesting place with the depth of a city but peace and quiet of a town in comparison.

Exploring The Barber Shop, Geneva

Boulevard du Pont d’Arve 2, 1205 Genève, Switzerland
The Barber Shop, Geneva The Barber Shop, GenevaGeneva Skate ParkAvenue du Mail, 1205 Genève, Switzerland
Exploring Geneva, Switzerland Palm Trees, Geneva Pretty Buildings, Geneva Geneva, SwitzerlandHotel Coffee Table Flat Lay, Geneva
Really enjoying the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint at the mo
Lanterns in GenevaFront of the Four SeasonsStreet Life, GenevaViews from Our Hotel Room, GenevaHotel ViewsPretty Sign in GenevaLittle blue boxDoor GoalsStreet Food, Geneva Little Bar Hidden Away on the Steps Cute Little Cafe in Geneva Funfair Sausage, GenevaFunfair FoodCurried Sausage in GenevaLe Kraken Bar in Geneva Circus in Geneva Circus Food, Geneva More Circus Food, Geneva Churros with Cinnamon, Geneva Geneva FountainJet d’Eau
St Pierre CathedralBeautiful Square in Geneva Square in Geneva Geneva, Switzerland Geneva ArchitectureSt. Pierre Cathedral (I love Gothic architecture)Cathedral, Architecture, Geneva Beautiful Stained Glass Window, St Pierre CathedralCity Life, Geneva Geneva ChillsDoor Porn, Geneva Cathedral Side Streets City Buildings, Geneva Geneva Views Geneva ViewsCool City Windows, Geneva City Side Streets, GenevaCarousel, Geneva, Switzerland Side Streets, Geneva Side Streets in Geneva Taverne De La Madeline Cool Buildings in Geneva City Life, Geneva, Switzerland Beautiful Building in GenevaPasta, Curry Chicken, Geneva Old TownShit ton of pasta
Cool Church in Geneva Hotel Auteuil, Geneva Hotel Auteuil – Rue de Lausanne 33, 1201 Genève, SwitzerlandHotel Auteuil Lobby in Geneva Bathroom, Hotel Room, Geneva Hotel Auteuil Room in Geneva Starbucks, GenevaGeneva Views

Thank you Adam for this wonderful trip and for taking many of these lovely photos. 🙂