Getting Festive with The Body Shop

Getting Festive with The Body Shop

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The items accompanied with an * were gifts

I love The Body Shop all year round, as it’s a brand I know I can rely on and use on a regular basis when it comes to skincare and bodycare. So recently when I heard about a little event at the Metro Centre store in Gateshead I popped along, and was kindly gifted a few items by the ladies there. I also picked up a couple of bits myself, because ya know, I lack self-control.

Personalised Body Butter in Vanilla Chai*

To make buying last-minute presents just that little bit easier, you can personalise a body butter as a thoughtful special gift. Or, panic on the spot, ask them to print something really generic and keep it for yourself, like I did. Up North, the stores that offer this are in Belfast, Manchester, and Aberdeen, so for anyone near the Teesside area the Metro Centre is the best bet.

To tie in with their rainforest campaign, you choose the animal you would like on the sticker and finish the phrase ‘I’m wild about…’ to personalise, which is cute. I panicked and blurted out ‘Christmas’ rather than coming up with something really witty. Talk about a missed opportunity.

There’s a delicious mix of festive scents this year, from Spiced Apple and Frosted Berries to Vanilla Chai. I went for the vanilla scent cause I’m dead predictable and knew I would enjoy using that scent the most. I also had a hand massage from a lovely girl (called Hannah, I think) who was hilarious and used the matching Vanilla Chai scrub (delicious) before massaging my hands with the body butter afterwards.

Vanilla Chai Hand Cream*

The Body Shop hand creams are probably one of the products that everyone and their dog has in their house (or bag) somewhere, as there are so many different scents to choose from. I received one in the Vanilla Chai scent, and also got a free pack of hand creams too because I spent a certain amount in store. So now I have hand cream for days! Small enough to slot into your bag, these creams sink in really easily and are the ideal travel companion.

Reggie Jnr Bath Sponge*

Help Reggie find love! With every purchase, you can restore 1 square metre of the rainforest bio-bridge and help Reggie the monkey to keep his home and mates, so I’m glad my excessive spending could help in any way. Also, this little sponge is proper cute.

Vitamin C Glow-Protect Lotion with SPF 30

I needed a new moisturiser for during the day and decided to pick up this one instead of the Aloe option, which I’ve been using regularly on my sensitive skin. I’ve started to introduce Vitamin C into my skincare routine to help with scarring and dullness, and thought an extra boost as the last step wouldn’t hurt. I haven’t been using it for very long so I can’t give a justified response by any means, but so far I’m enjoying it.

It does have a fairly thick consistency so I’m finding that a little goes a long way, even though I do have a tendency to slap on a load of product whether it’s skincare or makeup. But I do have a big face, so.

Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil (from the Oils of Life Range)

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful the bottle is? That is not why I bought this though, honest. After chatting with Stacey, the skincare specialist in store,  I decided that I lacked a ‘lighter’ oil in my routine. My skin is just weird atm, with the sensitivity that I’ve now come to expect in cold weather/central heating months and also flakiness and oil as it’s just so parched and confused.

I’ve only introduced this oil into my routine a couple of times – so again, I can’t comment on it properly – as recently I’ve had sore, itchy eczema patches on my face and really had to simplify everything down due to that. The times I have used it though, I found it was hydrating yet lightweight and comfortable on the skin.