No More “FFS” When Shaving

No More “FFS” When Shaving

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“FFS” – that’s usually me when I press my blunt razor onto my leg and slice myself in the process. I think I started removing my body hair when I was in secondary school, due to the mass of adverts telling me that only ‘real’ women had smooth, hairless pins and any form of stubble should be removed, no questions asked. I have thick, dark body hair all over and suddenly became conscious of it (which is why my eyebrows are now almost non-existent, because I plucked them all away) so decided to start eliminating my body hairs one by one.

Now 25, my attitude towards hair removal has completely changed. I still remove a lot of my body hair because it seems to be ingrained in me, but not as religiously as I have in the past. Sometimes I’ll spend a fair bit of time on hair removal whereas others I’ll let things go au naturel for weeks without a care.

Shaving has always been the most suitable method for me. I’ve tried waxing before but the hair started growing back after a day or two. I’ve heard that you have to keep the treatments going to experience the full benefits, but it seemed too much of a faff and also too expensive for my body hair to grow back after just 24 hours. I’ve looked into laser hair removal before, but it is way out of my budget.

I’ve used Venus razors for years and although have tried to keep back-ups of fresh razor heads, was never very good at changing the blades regularly. So when I was having my usual Bloglovin’ scroll time, I spotted a couple of posts about a company called FFS* (Friction Free Shaving) that offers a monthly razor subscription.

There are a few options to choose from, including ‘Faye’ with a 2-blade head at only £3 a month and ‘Frankie’ with a 3-blade head at just £5 a month. I went for the ‘Samantha’, which is a fancy-ass gold razor and at £7 a month with free P+P, you get 4 5-blade heads, one for every week. I went for the 5-blader to tackle my gorilla hair, and the razor itself is dead sturdy and feels fancy with some weight to it. The ‘Samantha’ is the dearest out of the lot, but it’s still a small cost that I barely notice every month.

I’ve had 4 lots of blades sent to me since I discovered FFS and actually postponed my subscription (which is dead easy to do) until December due to one of my no-shaving cycles. 1 new blade a week may be too excessive when you only shave every so often, so postponing your subscription is really handy.

Shaving and hair removal in general can be pain on sensitive skin like mine, but I find that I have way less issues when I change the razor head regularly, and also follow up with Lush’s Dream Cream or Aveeno to keep any irritation at bay. There’s not AS much cursing in the shower, anyway.

*Please note that this post includes a referral link.