The Cream of Dreams

The Cream of Dreams

lush-dream-cream-3lush-dream-cream-2lush-dream-cream-swatch-2Lush Dream Cream Ingredients

I’m currently an itchy-scratchy mess. With the temperature dropping and the central heating knocked on constantly, this beautifully cosy, festive time of year seems to play complete havoc with my skin. With cold limbs being suffocated under many layers, my skin just cannot seem to breathe.

When I repurchased Dream Cream from Lush, I thought that it deserved a mention on here. Now onto my 2nd 240g pot, it has thoroughly impressed me and it is safe to say that it has earned a valuable place in my skincare stash.

With a slight floral scent and beautifully creamy consistency, I find that, well, it works like a dream on my stubborn eczema patches. You only need a little bit to see a difference (I did, anyway) but if you’re heavy-handed like me and want to use it as an allover body lotion, you may end up desperately scraping the bottom of the pot like I did.

£12.95 for a 240g pot, I did ask for a sample first when I was picking up a few bits in Lush one day. I have tons of body lotions as it is and thought I would be sensible for a change. The lady gave me a pot, bigger than the fresh face masks, with a proper decent amount of Dream Cream that lasted me quite a while.

Dream Cream fits snugly next to my medicated eczema cream, and is something I can use everyday to calm and sooth my skin. When using it regularly, I find I don’t have to reach for the medicated stuff that often. It doesn’t stop my eczema completely, but I find that it keeps any soreness at bay and makes angry skin bearable and easy to maintain. I can’t see myself being without it now.