Making a Change: Incorporating Various Themes in My Blog alongside Beauty (and Why I Won’t Be Separating Them)

Making a Change: Incorporating Various Themes in My Blog alongside Beauty (and Why I Won’t Be Separating Them)

Photo by Peter Hugo (check out his website, he’s awesome)

I’ve decided to make a change.

I love beauty – it’s why I started writing this blog in the first place. I read so many blogs and reviews all the time and felt as though I had something to say, too. I’m a complete product junkie and constantly think about makeup and skincare while writing endless lists of stuff I desperately desire as a dedicated, obsessive consumer that covets a champagne lifestyle of products on a lemonade wage.

I’m passionate about other things as well. Literature, loud music, women’s rights, salty crisps. I’ve always been interested in what’s going on around me and the happenings of the world, which is why I spent a large part of my life wanting to be a journalist. I’m also a product of my environment, which is something I read on Zoe’s blog one time and related to very strongly. If an horrific event takes place, I feel it in my bones. I think about it for the rest of the day. When there’s disillusion, it makes me think twice too and I often lack the ability to switch off from it.

I haven’t been one to regularly vocalise my thoughts on social media up until recently. Social media and I have a strange relationship – I go from scrolling through Twitter feed for hours to furiously logging off and silently hating its f’ing guts.

But lately, I’ve started to vocalise my thoughts a hell of a lot more using tweets, from body image and the phrase ‘girl boss’ to the pill.With my friends and family, we discuss all sorts of various topics for hours, and I don’t shy away from having an opinion then. What I’ve realised is, discussions are not encouraged, and changes cannot be made, if an individual keeps themselves to themselves all the time.

After Britain voted to leave the EU, I composed and published a blog post in complete dismay, which I guess was essentially my first ‘short essay’ on this blog. I didn’t really speak about it and barely ‘promoted’ it, even though I’m not scared about people disagreeing with me. I am concerned about shoving opinions down people’s throats, but I guess there’s always an unfollow button if you don’t enjoy someone’s thought process or content, or you can just hurriedly scroll past. I realised fairly early on that blogs, which mainly focus on beauty, don’t usually mention other subjects.

I thought, “Nobody wants to read you waffling on. Give your head a shake.”

Ever since I started writing a blog, I’ve been kinda embarrassed about writing one in the first place. It stems from my fairly flexible nature – anxious to not giving a hoot in a space of a single second. I guess its beauty’s place in society that has often made me feel embarrassed about posting, which is that it’s a completely transparent subject without substance. Not. True.

I’m not saying that I want to discuss ‘real’ topics instead of beauty, far from it. That is why my blog will be a place for both. I will not write a beauty blog and create another platform solely for topics that touch on body image, human rights, misrepresentation. One day I may post about women’s rights, or why I think ‘how to’ posts need to curl up and die, and the next may be filled with the products I’m currently loving or the gloss that I’m always slapping on. By separating them, I would only further the common misconception that if you write about lipstick, you cannot discuss topical issues or start debates. Writing about beauty, issues that you care about, or both, isn’t petty.

I think my opinion is valid, and completely necessary. Opinions, discussions, writing in general is needed. You publish that post on lippie, cause you’re damn right I’ll be there to lap it up. You tweet your outrage of not being able to find your shade in a new line of foundation. You snap about the inequality and injustice the world is faced with.

I don’t have a large readership by any means (my Mam and my lovely friend Jess read my blog from time to time, hiiii) so I know this post offering an explanation isn’t really necessary. If you don’t read blogs for anything else other than beauty, please feel free to stick around for empties posts (love them) or those times when I go wild in Boots, or simply look to the other thousands and thousands of blogs that are just so great. This is just something I really want to do.

This post has helped to kick off my series of short (yet rambly) essays, which are, quite frankly, gathering dust in my brain and need to be expressed in order for me to settle. And maybe help me to sleep, too! I’ve been experiencing such a mindfuck recently – ‘Why would anyone care about me talking about a palette? ‘Why would people care about me talking about Brexit?’ Why would anyone care at all?’ ‘Why am I even writing a blog?’ But now I feel so stimulated and recharged after weeks of hesitation and self-doubt. The Women’s March yesterday lit a fire in my soul, and I feel so, so proud. Keep writing, posting, talking, discussing, retweeting, communicating. Yesterday was important. And so is lipstick.

This post was inspired by Maddie.